ASP.NET Ajax components

DbNetSuite is a set of lightweight integrated AJAX enabled ASP.NET components for creating web applications that interface with the database and file systems.

A simple grid with the ability to search, navigate, sort, export and edit your data can be created with just a few lines of code.


MVC View Source (Razor syntax)

<div id="Grid1"></div>
@using DbNetLink.DbNetSuite.UI
    DbNetGrid Grid = new DbNetGrid();
    Grid.ConnectionString = "SamplesDatabase";
    Grid.PageSize = 10;
    Grid.FromPart = "Categories";
    Grid.ID = "Grid1";
    Grid.Theme = Themes.Bootstrap;
    //Grid.ToolbarButtonStyle = DbNetLink.DbNetSuite.Shared.ToolButtonStyles.ImageAndText;
DbNetSuite can also be implemented using client-side JavaScript and as ASP.NET web control. Click here to see syntax examples for these types of implementation.